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1.Are your devices compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10? And 64 Bit? 
Yes all our devices are compatible with windows 7,8 and 10 32/64bit

2.Are your devices compatible with FS2004 , FSX , P3D, MSFS2020 , Xplane?
Yes all our devices are compatible with your favorite sim and not only
our hardware is based on usb joystick usb cards which are compatible with pretty much everything and recognized by windows as any common joystick

3.Will it work with 737 PMDG NGX , 777 PMDG , 737 Ifly?
Yes all the hardware is compatible with custom addons

4.Do I need any special software?
All devices are plug n play however we always recommend softwares like Spad Next,FSUIPC,LINDA,ProSim since the default menus are quite limited

5.Do you ship to my location?
We ship worldwide with a few exceptions but to make sure your location is in our database please add an item to your cart and check it out 

6.What is the lead time?
Based on what item you are interested lead time can vary for every product.Lead time can be found in the item description 

7.Do I get a tracking number?
Your store account will be updated with the tracking number when the order is shipped 


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