737 Throttle Quadrant v2.4

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737 Throttle Quadrant v2.4

Non motorized throttle compatible with FS 2004/FSX/X-Plane/Prepar3d/PMDG 737/Ifly 737

Measurements 23.8cm X 20.7cm X h71cm

  • thrust levers eng1,eng2 slide potentiometers
  • TO/GA push buttons
  • AT DISENGAGE push buttons
  • 2 fuel cutoff levers
  • 1 flaps lever with detents
  • 1 spoiler lever with detent
  • 1 parking brake switch with realistic red LED
  • 2 stab trim switches
  • 2 manual trim wheels
  • Throttle quadrant stand (check options)
  • 1 usb cable
  • Backlit ready (check options for colour and installation)
  • the throttle uses a BU0836-LC Load Cell Joystick Controller

Changes v2.1

  • trim wheels increased diameter
  • modified thrust levers for better sync between eng1 and 2
  • modified fuel cutoff levers

Changes v2.2

  • thrust levers made out of white acrylic(laser cut and engraved)
  • modified thrust knobs eng1/eng2
  • new design flaps lever and knob
  • new design speed brake lever and knob
  • new design for the trim wheels
  • other minor mechanical improvements

Changes v2.3

  • speed brake with detent

Changes v2.4 final version

  • reinforced thrust levers
  • trim axis changed from m6 to m8 threaded bar
  • wider throttle body increased by 5mm
  • throttle height decreased by 4cm

Please Note: Every month we are able to manufacture and deliver a certain amount of throttles. If out of stock means that monthly sales was reached.In stock means that we have all the necessary parts to assemble this throttle.Every quadrant that is ordered is individually made with a laser and cnc machine. All the parts,electronic and mechanical components are hand fitted and tested. When the quadrant is completed the unit is retested 100% to guarantee every part works perfectly so that you receive the best possible quadrant.

Lead time for this item is 10/15 business days

can be configured using default menus but we recommend FSUIPC,LINDA for FSX,ProSim737,Xpuipc for X-plane

FSUIPC http://www.schiratti.com/dowson.html - payware

LINDA for FSX/P3D https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/512119-linda-311-32-64-bit-compatible-16-feb-2020/ - freeware

ProSim 737 http://prosim-ar.com/ - payware

The throttle quadrant is plug & play no external power required but i do recommend a usb switch with it's own power supply if you have a lot of hardware connected to your system

The ac adaptor that we provide is for the backlit only (see options)

Supported by Windows 10/ 8/ 7/Vista/XP/2000 32/64 bit and Mac OS X

Video for reference only see product specifications for latest version

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